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Our Values


ReStrict Gear's Vision and Values

Our vision

“ReStrict strives to make a more inclusive space for diverse people - diversity and inclusion are the keys that drive our work. We aspire to create and foster an environment that embraces difference. Every body is unique and deserves to have the tailored experience.”


Our commitment to the vision


  • Every decision is seen through the lens of Diversity and Inclusion - we aim to ensure accessibility and representation at every step.
  • We aim to create products for everyone, inclusive of all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities and abilities.
  • We stand against any kind of hate, discrimination and injustice based on differences, and actively fight against the systems that uphold these. 
  • We understand the norms of the field and aren’t afraid to confront and question them.
  • We know that the scene is filled with diverse people with diverse bodies, and we aim to cater for custom experiences.
  • We prioritise our customer’s safety and use any feedback to improve our business, values and processes.
  • We actively work on ourselves to minimize bias and prejudice and educate ourselves on topics we are not experts on.
  • We rapidly respond to community requirements when they arise and are humble to admit when we need to learn more.
  • The individual is seen as the expert of their own situation and respected as such.
  • We understand that being diverse and inclusive is a process, and we are constantly casting the net wider to explore new ways of representation and accessibility.